Dimitris Karetsos was born on January 5, 1960 in Athens.

His first involvement with bowling was “incidentally” in 1975 on a bet with his cousins.
He won his first national championship in 1984 and won 15 total championships.
He participated for the first time as a player in the National Team in 1989 in Barcelona.
He won his first medal in European Champions Cup (ECC) in San Marino in 1991, followed by three more bronze in 2002 in Netherlands, 2004 and 2010 in Turkey
He won 4 gold medals at the first Mediterranean Bowling Championships in Cyprus in 1994 and a total of 19 medals of which 10 gold in five events of Mediterranean Bowling Championships he competed.
He won the bronze medal with the National team in the European Men Championship in 2007 in Austria.
He made his first official 300 at Kifissia in 1995.
As a coach he won a gold medal in the European Youth Championship with the national team in 2007 in Thessaloniki Greece.
As a coach has earned the respect and recognition of great personalities of the sport worldwide. Friends from all over the world, speak only with love and respect for him.
He had a unique personality, endless knowledge and deep desire to help new players. He had the “gift” to transform new talent in integrated players.

“Knowing the passion and motivation that make the Greeks stand out I think bowling fits us perfectly. I am sure that the future of Greek bowling will be much better. “
Dimitris Karetsos