Prize money

Prize money

Prize money expressed in €

The total amount of 15.000 € for the prizes are guaranteed by the tournament organizer.

Prize Money Expressed in €

PositionSingles Mixed
Position 12500 €
Position 21500 €
Position 31000 €
Position 4750 €
Position 5-6600 €
Position 7-8500 €
Position 9-12400 €
Position 13-14300 €
Position 15-24250 €
Position 25-32200
Position 33-36150
Best Game150
TOTAL15.000 €

Price money specifications

Prize fund status Fixed
Tax on prizes Yes
Tax rules As a consequence of the tax regulations, there will be a tax on prize money, paid by the organizer. The tax which is 20%, will be deducted from the prizes by the organizer. All participants will be obligated to fill a form, provided by the organizer.

Disclaim prize

Any participant of the tournament who wish, can complement in the tournament secretariat the corresponding form and renounce the prize. With this process, the prize will be counted at the Blind Squad.