Booking & Payment

Booking & Payment

Squads / Registration / Availability

 Booking Link

The above link is available only for athletes from abroad.

Waiting List

Participants can submit for a place on the waiting list, using the registration form below, by selecting the button ‘Login to Add Squads or Waiting List’ and entering the username and password they received in their initial registration.

Changes and canselations

Cancellations or changes to entries and reentries can be made by online system  or at the Cosmos Bowling receprion.

Blind Squad Availability

Blind Squad is available the tournament reception at Cosmos Bowling Center.

Booking and Cancellation policy

Each participant can make a booking for an entry andunlimited reentry.

Each participant who has paid his participation, is able to request cancellation and a full refund, without justification and without charge, up to three days before the scheduled time of the squad. Cancellations after the 3 days limit will incur a cancellation fee in accordance with the table below.

Days Cancellation fee
3 25 %
2 50 %
1 100 %

Changes between squads are allowed, no later than three days prior to carrying out, free of charge.