Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, with a population exceeding 1,000,000 and was European Capital of Culture for the year 1997 as part of the institution ” European Cities of Culture ”.

Thessaloniki has a huge artistic and cultural agenda, exciting nightlife, special tasting suggestions and large commercial market.

Many nationalities and different cultures have marked Thessaloniki and their influences are evident throughout the centuries, through the architecture of the city.

The port of Thessaloniki, with a long tradition as a commercial port linking Europe with the Middle East, is today a focal point for the development of the region.

The cosmopolitan air of the people and the sincere willingness to hospitality, is immediately felt by the visitor.

The ideal place to start the city tour is the sea front with iconic White Tower, the excellent cafes and shops, while a marvelous sunset will enchant you.

The castles, shopping center, museums, the Byzantine monuments and the unique beauty of churches, will not leave you time to get bored.

A good idea is to walk or bike ride from the port to the Concert Hall. You will have the chance to see the White Tower, the Theatre, the statue of Alexander the Great and the new parks of the coast.

The bars, restaurants and taverns of Thessaloniki, will lead you to a dreamy delicious journey. Many are the city influences many are the different recipes.

Regarding the city’s nightlife, the articles from magazines and travel guides are endless, for options and for a simple reason. The nights in Thessaloniki, in a city full of life, visitors can find dozens of entertainment options.